Can I use offline?

The curriculum addresses concepts both offline and online and leads students through progressively more difficult lessons. Students age 13+ can access all of the coursework independently, though the courses are designed to be facilitated by a teacher.

Does need Internet?

We recommend at least a 15 MBit/sec Internet connection for your school. The smallest screen size we support is 1024 x 728 px.

Can you code without the Internet?

It is possible to code without the internet. However, one of the essential tools that you will need for writing code is a text editor. Text editors allow you to write and edit code and save it as a source file. You can then run the code in a compiler or interpreter to test whether it functions or not.

Is coding done online or offline?

Sometimes, you will be able to write, compile, and deploy a code offline, it is the Testing part of the process That needs to access the Internet. For example, in case when your code need to call an Online Resources, you will need to access the Internet while Testing your code.

Is for kids?

Parents need to know that offers step-by-step instruction to help kids learn how coding works. The site provides encouragement after portions of a lesson are completed, including listing how many lines of code they’ve written up to that point. Kids can view, but can’t comment on other users’ creations, which…

Does need Internet?

We recommend at least a 15 MBit/sec Internet connection for your school. The smallest screen size we support is 1024 x 728 px.

Is good or bad?

Good for very beginner codes I enjoyed this because it brought out a creative side to coding where you are able to see everything you are doing. You are able to create what ever you want from visuals or text.

Should I learn coding offline?

Learning Python or any other language online comes with the flexibility of keeping your convenience first. But, offline coding is often more intuitive, interactive, and effective. There are one-on-one sessions, new challenges, and different activities in offline courses.

Do hackers have to code?

When asked if coding knowledge is needed for hacking, the answer is almost always the same: It’s possible to become a great hacker without coding knowledge, but having coding experience makes it a whole lot easier. Knowing how software is built in theory makes it easier to break.

Is coding long hours?

They usually work between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m or comparable work schedules that are typical to office culture. However, some computer programmers complete additional work hours to meet deadlines, troubleshoot errors and oversee multiple projects at a time.

Is Python coding offline?

💡 A popular kind of Python coding tool (available both offline and online) is called a notebook. Notebooks offer interactive Python environments that can combine code with other visual elements such as text, charts, and images.

Does Python need internet?

Executing python scripts ( . py ) does not require internet unless there is a specific need in your code.


Nearly all content and courses use Javascript, one of the most widely used programming languages in the world! In our middle school level course offering in particular, CS Discoveries, the languages of HTML and CSS are also used in lessons involving web design.

Why is so good? increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. The vast majority of the students on are from student groups historically underrepresented in computer science.

Should a 12 year old learn to code?

Coding is a wonderful tool for kids to have at all ages. Whether they’re learning it at age 7 or age 12, the important thing is that they’re learning. If you’re not sure how to introduce the topic to your child, we have some tips to help you get your tween on the path to coding.

How does work?

The Advocacy Coalition is a bipartisan coalition of corporations and nonprofits that work together to help establish US federal and state policies to expand and sustain access to K-12 computer science and to broaden participation and diversity in the field.

What code does the internet use?

A website is coded in three languages that the browser interprets – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some websites may use libraries, such as jQuery, but that is still part of JavaScript.

Is good for coding? and Scratch are the 2 most popular platforms for early age coders. Both focus on logic and computational thinking and are completely free to use. Kids tend to prefer Scratch, teachers tend to prefer I have taught Both from past 6 years and i love both.

Does need Internet?

We recommend at least a 15 MBit/sec Internet connection for your school. The smallest screen size we support is 1024 x 728 px.

Is like scratch?

Both and Scratch are browser-based software platforms enabling any student with a computer to use and save projects in the cloud. Student can access these platform more dynamically than a textbook. Even also works great on tablet computer. But you cant use it on mobile phone.

Is copyrighted?

Permission to use You may not use the trademarked logo or other brand assets without explicit written permission from To request permission to use Code. org’s logo or any other brand assets, send an email to [email protected] with a description of intended usage and accompanying copy.

How does make money?

The nonprofit counts 80 million students and 2 million teachers on its platform today, with 238 million projects created by students around the world. Backed by nearly $60 million in funding from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others, isn’t resting.

Does hackers use C++?

Yes, C++ can be used for hacking. Given its capabilities, hackers often use it to write malware or exploit software vulnerabilities.

Is it legal to be a hacker?

Hacking is not always a crime. In ethical hacking, a hacker is legally permitted to exploit security networks. In other words, the hacker has the appropriate consent or authorization to hack into a system.

Is it a crime to be a hacker?

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. In 1986, Congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), now codified under Title 18 U.S. Code § 1030. This law makes it a federal crime to gain unauthorized access to “protected” computers (otherwise known as “hacking”) with the intent to defraud or do damage.

Can Wi-Fi be free?

If you want to know how to get free WiFi anywhere without a password, look for public WiFi hotspots. Or, get access to free trial periods from service providers. Many commercial spaces and public areas have free WiFi hotspots so you can get free WiFi anywhere you go.